The Twelve Kingdoms

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The Twelve Kingdoms       
十二国記 (Juuni Kokki)       
By Fuyumi Ono       




The Twelve Kingdoms (十二国記, Jūni Kokuki), also known as Juuni Kokki, 12 Kokki, and Record of 12 Countries, is a Japanese fantasy series by Fuyumi Ono consisting of eleven novels and a short story collection, and a 45-episode anime series produced by Studio Pierrot in 2002. The story is loosely based on ancient Chinese mythology.

The first novel was published in Japan in 1991 and the last volume in 2001. The novels are licensed in the United States by Tokyopop and the first volume will be released in hardcover in March 2007 as part of their Pop Fiction line. The entire anime series has been released on DVD in the United States by Media Blasters

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I was trying so hard to concentrate on the preparation for the exam on the 9th but it seemed that i wasn’t able to. The reason is that i’ve become so addicted to the anime The Twelve Kingdoms so much that i spent much time downloading it, posting my comments on it in the forum, finding more information about the novel on which the anime is based, trying to order the book by internet and so on.

And now I’m doing what i planned not to do – writing a blog. I couldn’t help it. I’m charmed by the serie so much that i want to express this feeling to the world (a little bit exaggeration maybe). The story reminds me much of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings: many episodes, the creation of a totally new world with totally other rules, complicated relations between the main characters, some sacredness, the antique feeling which modern people long for (we get bored of the high technologies sometimes, don’t we?). As I am watching it i become more and more curious about what would happen next.One more disappointing thing about the anime is that it doesn’t include all the stories from the novel. The anime seems to focus on the first main character – Youko Nakajima. But the fans (including me) are interested not only in the destiny of her or the other main characters. We would like to know about what will become of the other 7-8 kingdoms which are omitted in the anime too. There is even a petition to call for the anime company and encourage the author of the novel to produce more work on The Twelve Kingdoms but so far there is no result (or there is but i just don’t know about it???). :-(Anyway, the translated, hard cover of The Twelve Kingdoms is gonna be released in March, 2007. Hope that it’ll become a big hit and with the money maybe the company and the author will decide about making a second season of the anime, or writing more stories about it. Please, please Ono sensei. I’ll be a good girl and buy the real copy (a rare occasion na haha) but please write moreOne more thing. Amazon sucks! I want to order the book in the Internet but there is no (there are,, but no -*-). Also I don’t have a credit card so it’s kinda problem in paying. Maybe I will have to try shipping to Moscow once in my life. Huhhhh…. Who knows?

For further information:: Juuni Kokki on Wikipedia | Juuni Kokki resources

Buy The Twelve Kingdoms on Amazon (I like the cover very much ^__^): 

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